Thursday, April 11, 2002

Portsmouth, NH (my home) used to have a decent music scene (besides the fact that there are far too many hippy jam bands that noodle and fiddle you to sleep). I say used to because the once loud and obnoxious punk/metal/heavy scene has all but disappeared. There used to be an all-ages club called the Elvis Room that attracted sonically punishing bands. But that got closed down and replaced with a jazz club catering to the Cosmopolitan Martini crowd. (A Martini is a Martini. A Cosmopolitan is a Cape Codder served in the fancy glass. It is an outrage that the venerable Martini is sullied in such a way!)

Anyway, as I was saying, Portsmouth used to have a good music scene. Some outrageously heavy bands originated from this area: Humpmuscle, Fly Spinach Fly, Scissorfight. Scissorfight have since moved on to Boston and have been steadily growing in popularity and exposure. One cannot take refuge from the juggernaut of sound they put out (A brand of sound I once heard described as "Assrock"). Nonetheless, Scissorfight pay homage to New Hampshire in many of their songs, often with titles like: Kancamagus Mangler, Chocorua Mountain Woman, Moosilaukie Rot.

As they say: New Hampshire's Alright, if You Like Fighting

Scissorfight MP3 Selections:
OutMotherfucker The Man (Piscataqua EP)
Granite State Destroyer (New Hampshire)
Acid For Blood (Mantrapping For Sport and Profit)


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