Monday, June 10, 2002

Hiking Update: The Tripyramids
Expedition Sellers & Morgan braved the tough 11 mile loop over the Tripyramids located in NH's beautiful Waterville Valley. The Tripyramids are known for their North Slide and South Slide approaches. Apparently, a fierce rainstorm back at the end of 1800's caused almost the entire side of North Tripyramid to avalanche - exposing the slab bedrock underneath. The pitch of the North Slide is quite steep and at times requires both hands and feet to ascend. Its hard to not get vertigo when looking down the slide after climbing the 1000' it takes to get to the top. For a view of the slide, go here and here. (Note: Keep in mind this photo shows almost the full 1000' drop perspective of the slide.

While the South Slide was steep when we descended South Tripyramid after an easy traverse of the Tripyramid ridge, it was not as daunting as the North Slide. The South Slide is made up of loose scree, gravel, and various sized boulders. After reaching the bottom of the South Slide, we ambled back while going on Autopilot - a zone known to hikers whereby the brain is switched off and the legs move nonstop until the sanctuary of your car in the parking lot at the trailhead is reached.

North & Middle Tripyramid were #25 and #26 in my effort to climb all 48 of NH's peaks of 4000' or higher. For Vicki, it was #11 and #12. A good hike, challenging, unique, and completely rewarding.


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