Monday, May 05, 2003

Death of an Old Man
I have to admit I felt really sad when I saw the headline in the news about the crumbling of the Old Man of the Mountain. Why? I mean, its just a collection of rocks and ledges. It is kind of weird that we have made an icon of something that is purely the construct of our imagination. I do wonder though what Gov. Benson is considering when he talks of revitalization. Are the old rocks going to be cemented back up in their original locations? I mean, the point of the Old Man was that it was a natural phenomena. Can it really hold the same value and effect if it's just to be put back in place through artificial means? Would people/tourists feel duped? Don't know. Do they go the example of Mt. Rushmore and carve obvious visages of NH heroes? Alan Shepard, Carlton Fisk, Adam Sandler? No idea, on this one to tell you the truth.


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