Thursday, August 07, 2003

Bobby Flay-ed
So I thought it over. Weighed the pros and cons. Knew there would be some risk involved. But went ahead and did it anyway.

I brought to work coffee cake that I had made.

Well, immediately I was avalanched with questions about how I cook, why I cook, how did I learn to cook. Did my wife make me learn to cook? Etc, Etc. I guess a man who cooks is a novelty, certainly so in my office. One 60-ish woman offered to divorce her husband and marry me (if only I was older and single). But this was the reaction from the women. Lord knows what the men in the office are thinking. Straight eye for the queer guy suspicions perhaps? Ugh. It's coffeecake here, people!!!!!! It pains me to be imprisoned in such proximity to these petrified minds.


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