Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beyond the Mainstream
Yeah, its politics all the time inside the Rants brain and I had been kicking around a complaint about the general level of rudeness that the McCain-Palin ticket has had to endure. You know, the comments about Palin's baby and family, or the Code Pink interruption during McCain's convention speech. Or about how The Atlantic magazine photographer hired to take portraits of McCain - who then turned around and doctored them up, abusing McCain's image for her own political purposes. Or more recently Obama's ad targeted to hispanic viewers where the insinuation was made that McCain is a racist. Now we have tax fraudster Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel calling Gov. Palin "disabled". It's forehead slapping amazing how McCain and Palin have to deal with all of this shit.

However, Obama had his own Code Pink moment just yesterday. You really just have to scratch your head as you watch this video of Obama being interrupted during his speech given to supporters in Florida. Some protesters serving a cause called Blacks Against Obama interrupted Obama and got their few seconds of attention before being escorted out of the arena. This article seems to give some decent backstory on the group and their grievances against Obama. Clearly there's a story to be told about this seemingly far-right black subgroup. Whatever it is, their disruption at the event is poor form and just rude. Obama handled the interruption well and was able to continue on with the rally. There's a place for street politics of this type and that place is the street.


At 8:51 PM, Anonymous 242 said...

Why can't they produce a birth certificate?

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Granite said...

Show zus your paperz pleze. Your paperz. Show zus your identification paperz now.


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