Sunday, October 12, 2008

We're Screwed (Part 1)
Ed Driscoll observes
If Obama wins, a large part of the country will feel angry and powerless against the will of the left leaning blue states, the news media, Hollywood and academia. (In fact, they already feel that way, I assure you.) They will believe that ACORN created enough false voter registrations to put Obama over the top. If McCain wins, the left will riot and claim, "The Diebold machines were hacked!" The blue states, the news media, Hollywood and academia will resent that the will of the "dumb hicks" in flyover country overruled that of their "betters". And we will hear the cries of, "Racism! Racism!" ad nauseam.

Yes, whatever the outcome we're screwed. Here's my take on what we can expect from either an Obama or McCain administration.

Obama as President: Expect the the convergence of this far left executive and far-left Pelosi/Reid legislature to send up for vote all manner of bills favorable to the environmental, labor, corporate farming and open-borders lobbies. Expect a mess of an energy bill with fig-leaf provisions for expanding domestic oil production and clean coal. The bill will be a grab bag of tax incentives for alternative energies long on hope but short on proven delivery. Expect no movement on the Pickens Plan approach due to opposition over expanding the electrical grid infrastructure needed for the Plan to be realized (environmental and NIMBY opposition).

Expect a cleanout of unsympathetic justice department officials and attorneys (a la Alberto Gonzalez) replaced by Obama loyalists. A muscular Obama justice department will pursue with vigor investigation, enforcement, prosecution of all manner of environmental, civil rights, and labor laws on all levels of business. Businesses with deep pockets will settle while small businesses will be driven out of business. Expect additional justice department action working in concert with local activist groups like La Raza and ACORN and organized labor against private companies and municipal governments.

Expect a renewed pursuit of faith-based initiatives under an Obama administration with an effort to forge an alliance between agenices under an Obama executive and churches of a progressive, urban, ethnic, or activist bent all animated by left-wing understandings of Social Justice and/or Liberation Theology theory. Overall, expect vervent attempts by progressive grassroots organizations to allign with an Obama executive for funding, leverage, and muscle toward deepening their influence within state and municipal government initiatives.

Expect no "middle class" tax cut.

....(Part 2 to follow)...


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