Wednesday, June 26, 2002

God is Dead
A federal Appeals Court has ruled that the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools violates the Constitutional separation of church and state with the phrase: "One nation, under God, ..."
So what phrase would best be substituted in order to preserve the Pledge whilst maintaining Constitutional compliance? Graniterants asks the local youth and they respond!

"One nation, under Eminem. F*ck with him and you get capped...": Joe - 10th Grade, Dover High School

"One nation, under the Table & Dreaming. Dave Matthews is like, rilly, rilly awesome and stuff..": Summer - 11th Grade, Oyster River High School (Durham, NH)

"One nation, 2 fries and a Mountain Dew, Supersized": Wes - 10th Grade, Portsmouth High. New driver's license and out with his friends in mom's Minivan for the first time......

"One nation, under a huge fatty dood! Uhhuh Uh huh huh Uhhuh": Weeze - 11th Grade (suspended), Oyster River High School

"One nation, like that's so cool or something. I mean, everyone coming together and like being one and all. ": Trish - 9th Grade, Portsmouth High School

"One nation, under the covers, knockin da' boots wit da Bizzaches!": "Fubu" - (grade unknown)

"One nation, that sucks! This sucks! My parents suck! God, I hate everyone!": Dylan - 9th Grade, Marshwood High, South Berwick, ME

"One nation, uh, is this for extra credit?": Rob - 12th Grade, Dover High


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