Thursday, September 19, 2002

Wall of Sound
No, not Phil Spector's version. I love music that hits you with what I call a Wall of Sound. Multiple layers of noise that cascade like a waterfall into your cranium. Sometimes I wonder how long my hearing will last (and Vicki will say it's already gone) but I just love loud music. You just can't hear the subtleties or the space within music unless it's cranked up. I also pay attention to recording technique (here would be an appropriate discussion of Phil Spector) and production. Some producers out there know bunk about recording and do all the production digitally through the board. Other producers, such as Steve Albini rely primarily on microphone placement within the studio to determine how the band will sound on the album. This is the approach I favor because you can pick up on the sense of space between the instruments (the source of the sound) and the microphone receiver. Also, any echoes within the studio will bounce around and reflect back to the microphones, further developing a sense of space and resonance.


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