Wednesday, October 02, 2002

E. Honda
I own a Honda. My fiance owns a Honda. Many of my friends own Hondas. These are glorious Grocery Getters. They are comfortable to drive, have suspensions that feel solid, and last a decent length of time. I feel good knowing that I drive a popular car. But now I am looking around at other people's Hondas and am starting to notice some striking differences between their's and my own. Namely, my Honda doesn't have a huge Spoiler fin on it.. My Honda doesn't ride low to the ground. My Honda doesn't have an enormous tailpipe sticking out of the back. My Honda doesn't have the fancy low-profile tires and the human skeletal system inspired alloy rims. My Honda doesn't have the tinted glass, the running lights, the tiny chrome steering wheel. Where was this model on display in the showroom at the dealership? Was there something about my appearance that said to the salesguy, "He's in here for the Grocery Getter." I mean, couldn't they have at least let me peak into that Shangri-La of Showrooms? That place reserved only for the Vin Diesels of the world? Why was I shown the generic models when I can clearly see off in the distance (oftentimes when I am at Shaws Supermarket - peering towards the Inferno) a parking lot of special Hondas, glorious Hondas, souped-up Hondas, high-performance Hondas.

I feel gyped.....


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