Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Progressive & Tolerant? Yeah, righhhhht
Tis' the season for really bad political attack ads. The one the NH Republicans have put out savaging Martha Fuller Clark, "Here comes Martha!" is pretty low. But I don't think they can get as low as what has happened in Montana. Mike Taylor, a Republican, has dropped out of the race for Montana's senate seat due to a Democrat ad that utilizes a thinly veiled gay-baiting technique against Taylor. Apparently, Taylor ran a hairdressing school in Colorado years before and advertized his services on a local TV station. The Democrats have taken footage from these local access broadcasts and fashioned them into the recently aired political attack ad. In the ad, Taylor is seen performing a facial on a man: massaging his eyebrows and forehead. Another clip shows Taylor reaching down towards a seated man's crotch area with his hand. In the background of the ad, a 70's style porno movie soundtrack is played.

In any case, the shameless gay-baiting tactic has had an effect on Taylor's poll numbers and he has dropped out of the race. It is unfortunate that a political party who champions its own "tolerance" and "open-mindedness" has hypocritically ignored those self-proclaimed ideals - and all in order to win an election.

Get the back story here.
See the ad here.


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