Thursday, October 17, 2002

Update: Montana Senate Race
It gets worse and worse. Even after having already dropped out of the race, Republican Mike Taylor, former candidate for US Senator continues to be savaged by the Montana Democrat Party. A latest mailing piece uses Drag Queen imagery and the still shots from the infamous gay-baiting ad to further paint Mike Taylor as some sort of untrustworthy deviant unsuitable for office. News Flash: the guy has already dropped out of the race!. Why continue to do this?? It amazes me what the Democrats are getting away with here. That they even would contemplate this tactic to begin with. What about those principles of diversity, tolerance, open-mindedness, and inclusion that they like to boast about? HA! What a bunch of hypocrites. I'm sick and tired of hearing those lies. I'm tired of Harry Belafonte getting away with calling Colin Powell a "House Slave". I'm tired of inferences from Ted Kennedy and former Virginia Governor, Doug Wilder that Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom. I'm tired of them getting away with their racism and homophobia. All that self-righteous crap about "celebrating differences" is just bullshit and smokescreen. They can't deal with anybody who disagrees with them (ever hear of Diversity of Opinion, guys?) and they'll use any tactic, any slur to attack - knowing they'll get away with it due to the smokescreen they've cleverly manipulated all these years. No More!


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