Thursday, February 06, 2003

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the UN
So this is how it works. The US has worked with the UN structure to get resolutions passed regarding specific action towards Iraq. In the event that Iraq doesn't comply, the UN resolution spells out that armed force may be an option. There are many that argue that the US go through the UN to obtain a second resolution that specifically authorizes the use of force against Iraq. So this is the formula: Seek UN blessing, get resolution, dither around a bit, go back to UN, await passage of a second resolution that authorizes force and then apply force if conditions merit and no other option is available.

Now contrast this with what France has done in their "Blood for Cocoa" adventure in the Ivory Coast: France invades its former colonial possession with troops, installs a highly unpopular peace plan, riots ensue, and then AFTERWARDS seeks UN approval. So for France it's Invade First and Ask Questions Later all the while demanding that the US go through the UN first and obtain its blessing before deciding anything on Iraq.

What a load of steaming hypocrisy. France is a joke. The UN is a joke.


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