Friday, March 21, 2003

Uday Hussein's Brain
Some Middle East press rumors have circulated that Saddam's son Uday may have suffered a brain hemorrhage. Oddly, the timing of this incident appears to have happened at the moment the US conducted its surgical strike on Saddam's bunker. So was Uday's brain pain caused by an insubordinate Iraqi soldier (as the originating column suggests), or by some accurately targeted cruise missiles? What ever the case, corroboration that something happened to a particular Hussein brain comes from Salam Pax via fellow blogger Diane. Diane reports of an email she received from Salam Pax that provides interesting details:

look, the absolute biggest best most wanted brain-stuff-specialist (i am sure it has a name can't think of it now) is a neighbor of my cousin. he has been called and taken to a location outside baghdad, he called his family and said he can't come back tonight.
something has happened to someone.

Question to be answered is, does the Brain of Hussein Fall Mainly on the Plain?


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