Thursday, May 08, 2003

Married to the Mob
To tell you the truth, I have just about had it talking about my upcoming wedding. It's is not because I am not looking forward to it. Its just that people are really more interested in talking about the disasters that occurred at theirs, or their friends', or someone in their family. They never talk about the good things that happened. Its always about the negative things and the screw-ups. Its kind of perverse in a way. I mean, if I was going in for surgery, would people tell me about the litany of infections they received while in the hospital? About the wrong kidney that was removed from Uncle Joe's side during his operation? About the cutting sounds of the bone-saw or the crunch of the sternum jack? About bloody gauze pads, needles, and beeping equipment? What is it about talking about weddings that it has to become a parade of misery when spoken about?


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