Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Don't Believe the Hype
Some interesting information to counter the claim that Bush's campaign contributors were the ones who profited from the Iraqi reconstruction contracts. As you can see from the tables, the top 4 Bush campaign donors who are also involved in reconstruction work were awarded many of the smallest contracts. For example, GE contributed close to $9 mil in campaign donations, yet received almost $6 mil in contracts. On the otherhand, Parsons Corp (at #10 on the list of companies in Iraq) contributed about $1.5 mil in donations and was awarded $89 mil in contracts.

On another front, Bechtel states on their website that, "As of October 31, Bechtel has awarded 111 subcontracts to 96 different Iraqi companies, out of a total of 151 subcontracts."

Here's a list of the various companies involved in Iraqi reconstruction efforts. Also visit the USAid website which details information on reconstruction efforts. Rather than listen to the doubletalk blatherings of Michael Moore, Howard Dean and Wesley Clark, why not go straight to the sources?


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