Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I don't know what motivates some nuts. This story of the guy going over the Niagara Falls without any survival aids just blows my mind. It looks like it was his mission to just jump in and go over the edge and see what would happen. It brings to mind Steven Trotter and his stunts. His 1985 plunge over the falls took place in a barrel wrapped in truck tire inner tubes. Trotter did it again in 1995 accompanied by his girlfriend, Lori Martin. I think that reprise of the stunt is more noteworthy because he convinced someone else to join him in his stupidity. But not to be outdone by that, Trotter convinced 4 friends to join him in a group pendulum bungee jump off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge located in Tampa Bay. The 200' drop went awry and the plungers suffered broken bones when their bungee cable broke. The story goes that Trotter convinced friends at his local bar to join him in his daredevil escapades and they agreed (probably after many beers).

It just makes me wonder what Kreblog will suggest to all during a future Beer Night...


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