Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Freeloading Unloaders
So Canada benefits from the US nuclear umbrella (and gets to reduce its defense expenditures because of it). Canadian citizens benefit from lower drug costs due to price caps (leaving their Southern neighbors to pick up the tab for prescription drugs). Canadian citizens who are stuck on waiting lists to have medical procedures performed often avoid the wait by visiting American doctors instead (thereby disguising the extent of the crisis of Canadian health care). Now the freeloaders to the north are dumping their garbage in America. Apparently, environmental and political sensibilities make it especially difficult to try and push through proposals to construct added landfills. (This in a country the second largest on the planet). An estimated 10% of Canadian produced trash arrives in Michigan points of entry each year for final disposal in the US.

Canada is like the drunken neighbor who still owns lawn darts and on some days botches his throws, sending some darts over the fence...


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