Tuesday, January 06, 2004

President Hillary Clinton
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Bush 2001-2008
Clinton 2009-?

I think Sen. Hillary Clinton will be our next President after Bush leaves office. Why do I say that? First, she has repositioned herself and crafted an image of seriousness. As Senator, she has refrained from the kind of political grandstanding that she was known for as First Lady. Contrast her with Howard Dean. She'd portray the same toughness that Dean exudes without the nuttiness. Plus, I think her politics will mesh well in the post-Bush years. Bush will win a second term. I can't see Dean or anyone else unseating him. Cheney appears to remain as Bush's VP choice, which makes a difference for the 2008 race since I am positive that Cheney won't run for President then. This means the 2008 race is wide open, both for Democrats and Republicans. Right now, I don't see anyone coming from the ranks of the Republicans that would be a clear frontrunner. (Prediction: I wouldn't be surprised if Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts runs in 2008). And I think at that time there may be a natural element of Bush fatigue/Republican fatigue that would perhaps give an advantage to the Democrats. Given the post-9/11 foreign policy atmosphere, I would also expect that the Democrat nominee foreign policy position lean towards the Bush policy rather than away from it. Chalk it all up and this is how I see it. Hillary's big government liberalism won't be that much of a departure from Bush's big government conservatism. Hillary's foreign policy will retain the muscularity of Bush's with tweaks to present a softer image. (There will already be a built in perception that a Hillary foreign policy will be softer and more nuanced: 1) because she is a woman; 2)she is a Democrat). A softer image, sure. But I don't expect it to be a radical departure from the Bush Doctrine. Plus, I expect a certain Bill Clinton nostalgia to set in and work in favor of the former First Lady.

Hillary Clinton: Serious but not angry. Liberal, but not overwhelmingly Liberal (things could change, who knows), Center-Left versus Bush's Center-Right. Perfectly positioned for the post-Bush political landscape. Say hello to President Hillary Clinton in 2008.


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