Monday, February 23, 2004

Darth Nader
The Dems are bemoaning the announcement by Ralph Nader that he will enter the race for the Presidency. They think he will take away votes from Kerry (if he ends up being the nominee). I think they are wrong.

I think everyone is missing the story here. Most are assuming that Nader is going to take votes away from the Left (Dems), but if they had actually listened to what Nader said this weekend on the political talk shows, they would have heard political positions that mirror Pat Buchanan. For example, every interview I heard of Nader's, he railed against Bush shipping jobs off to "Communist China". What kind of leftist says "Communist China"? That's exactly out of the playbook of Buchanan and even Gary Bauer (who said Communist China every other sentence back in the 2000 primaries).

Nader is running Right this election and is going to pick off a number of paleo-cons and Pat Buchanan type Republicans/conservatives. And with no Pat Buchanan running in this election, Nader may well end up hurting Bush more than anyone else.


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