Friday, June 04, 2004

New York Needs a Rest
We saw The Day After Tomorrow last weekend, and while the politics and science are laughable, the movie does score as a decent disaster pic. One thing though, if these movies are supposed to show global disaster I wish they would show significant footage of other cities getting waxed. I mean, do we have to see New York City getting toasted over and over again? I'd like to see Big Ben get vaporized, or better yet the Eiffel Tower turn into a sea of molten metal. Surely the Colosseum of Rome can be the appropriate site of a black hole explosion (implosion?)or the gateway to a wormhole that releases deadly alien spores. The Sydney Opera House could serve as lunch for a massive sea creature awakened from its Pacific ocean slumber. Why not have the Great Pyramids dissolve into a furious sandstorm? Better yet, imagine how entertaining it would be to see a huge tsunami wipe out the thong clad beachgoers of Rio?

I'd say the best scene of global destruction ever to be shown in a movie occurred in Mars Attacks when aliens destroyed the statues of Easter Island with a bowling ball. Now that was cool.


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Speaking of Mars Attacks... this will keep you up at night:


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