Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Story of an Innocent Man Falsely Accused
The last two nights I have been watching the Sox on NESN (Channel 51). I turn the cable off and go to bed. My wife says that when she turns on the TV in the morning, the cable is set on Channel 8 which is Telemundo. She thinks I have been watching late night latina booty.

I feel as if I am in a Hitchcock movie - the story of an innocent man falsely accused! I've sent an email to Comcast demanding an explanation as to why our cable box switches to this channel. Is it a default of the cable box? Something that happens if the signal is interrupted or reset during the night? I don't know, but I will get an answer to this and then my wife will be sorry that she wrongly accused me of watching softcore Spanish soap operas!


At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no shame in admitting to watching Telemundo after your wife has gone to bed. You probably are not the first, or the last.
Your Wife...

At 4:58 PM, Blogger YouWho said...

Wait wait wait... there's Latina booty on channel 8!? What time?

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Tim said...

Esta Viernes en Telemundo..
Todo original
Todo para ti
Sólo en Telemundo.

En Te voy a enseñar a querer...

Luis Carlos le promete a Melcíades conseguirle la hacienda Méndez a cambio de una parte de las tierras.

Déborah sabe bien que Orquídea aceptó la ayuda de Félix y la invita a vivir en la hacienda. En medio de la aparente amistad, aprovecha para pedirle algo muy importante.

A Melcíades no le gusta este nuevo acercamiento con Orquídea y como en otras épocas la desnuda y abusa de ella. Pero ella ya es grandecita y no se deja así nomás.

Pedro se ve envuelto en una tempestad entre padre e hijo. Al pobre le confiesan más de lo que le gustaría y queda atrapado con dos verdades y dos peticiones de bastante peso.


Luis Carlos promises to Melcíades to obtain to him the Méndez property in exchange for a part of earth.

Déborah knows well that Orquídea accepted the aid of Felix and it invites it to live in the property. In the middle of the apparent friendship, it takes advantage of to request something to him very important.

To Melcíades it does not like this new approach with Orquídea and as at other times the naked one and abuses her. But it already is grandecita and she is not left likewise.

Pedro is surrounded in a storm between father and son. To the poor man they confess to him more than what it would like and is catched with two truths and two requests of enough weight.

All original one
Everything for you
Only in Telemundo.


At 9:45 PM, Blogger Kreblog said...

"Wait wait wait... there's Latina booty on channel 8!? What time?"... all the time, you've been watching Tivo too long.


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