Saturday, March 19, 2005

Message on a Volvo

I'm humored by the sight of anti-Bush bumper stickers that carry over from the election (like seeing a Dean '04 sticker - the Baby On-Board emblem of the decade....). Anticipating the pithy word wizardry we're likely to see in '08, I offer these predictions:

John McCain
McCain is Insane
McCain is a Pain
Lame McCain

Condoleeza Rice
The Only Condi Meant for Me is Ketchup or Mustard
Condolences to Condoleeza
Condoleeza - Not an American Name
Convict Condi
Condi or Condit? - Makes no difference

Bill Frist
Frisk Frist
Fruck Frist

Newt Gingrich
Newt Sucked the First Time Around
Don't Lick Newt - A Bad Trip for the Country
The Only Way to Deal With Gingrich is to Amputate

Arnold Schwarzenegger
It Took an Amendment to Get Him This Far
Pumping Moron
Beware of Austrians in High Places

Mitt Romney
Omit Mitt
Mitt for Brains
Piece of Mitt


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