Saturday, July 16, 2005

Stranger in a Strange Land
For work this week I went down to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston to check out MacWorld. Yeah, go send the guy who has few gadgets to go check out a show based around them. I walked into the showroom and sensed that I was perhaps the least enthusiastic of all the attendees in the room. It was as though I was a Southern chef shopping at a farmer's market made up strictly of avocado farmers. A lot of the stuff on display at the show was built around the iPod. Portable desktop speakers, designer skins for the iPod; there was even someone selling stylish handbags that had a iPod friendly compartment built in. I did my duty there as required but frankly I really just didn't care about the stuff that was there.


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At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Dave Diamond said...

Nice blog spam you've got here!

I miss the good old days of MacWorld... back before it went to New York... back when Apple was actually at the show... back when Macs were just a curiosity. I feel like we Mac guys are just mainstream now. It's just like Linux only a little different. I still love Macs, don't get me wrong. We've just lost a spark of something, I don't know what.


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