Thursday, March 30, 2006

And Listened to Cicadas Sing
I've been recently listening to the On Demand Bluegrass music channel a lot. I ended up buying this tune from Rhonda Vincent off of iTunes after hearing it first on the TV. I like the way her voice dovetails with the fiddle and the banjo. And pretty much anything from Alison Krauss & Union Station that comes on is excellent. I listen to the music and I imagine myself soaking in the alpenglow of a early evening Appalachia sunset. The air is heavy with perspiration and the aroma of rhododendrons. The buzz of insects hangs in the background as fireflies flare in the descending night. People have gathered for a barn party - where the intensity of music, food, and strong mountain brew nourish the heart. A warm breeze picks up from the valley hollows and crests over the surrounding peaks and mountain balds. The music plays on, each song more bittersweet than the last as the conclusion of night nears and the illuminating bonfires dwindle.

I don't know if such a place exists, but it is where I am carried to as I listen.


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