Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Wayback Machine
Hillary keeps saying that if she knew then what she knows now she would not have voted to give authorization to the President to go to war. My question to her is if she's going to grant herself the benefit of hindsight as an excuse to explain herself, why take the Wayback Machine back to the time of her vote? Since she was First Lady to President Bill Clinton, why not take the Wayback Machine to December 1998 when UNSCOM weapons inspectors were withdrawn and President Clinton order cruise missile strikes on Iraq? Why does Hillary think that merely taking back her 2002 vote is a good use of her hindsight? I would think the more pivotal moment was that time in 1998 when weapons inspectors were withdrawn and did not return until November 2002. That 4 year intelligence black hole along with the significant event of 9/11 contributed greatly to the mix of circumstances that led the Bush administration to go to war in 2003.

If Hillary is going to use the Wayback Machine to excuse herself, then it is entirely justified to say to her: Senator, if you knew then what you know now, would you have used your crucial knowledge to convince President Bill Clinton to not withdraw UNSCOM inspectors and not launch strikes on Iraq - events that contributed to the following administration's decision to go to war?

She should abandon invoking the Wayback Machine excuse. She should drop it, because it will only make her look worse. Her vote was based on the best information at the time. She voted the way she did because she did not know what the future would reveal. Its the nature of all decision making. Invoking this Wayback Machine copout is just pure stupidity and she's better than that.


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