Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Left's Great Spokesman
Here is a translated transcript of Osama BinLaden's latest message.

In his message he:
-sounds like Michael Moore and rails against corporations and their influence
-sounds like Noam Chomsky and rails against American Empire and warmongering (Venezuela's Hugo Chavez also promotes Chomsky)
-sounds like Oliver Stone in describing the reasons behind the assassination of JFK
-sounds like Al Gore in railing against global warming and America's rejection of the Kyoto Treaty.
-sounds like with complaints about an impotent Democrat Party and those Democrats who continue to support the Iraq war.
-sounds like Cindy Sheehan in pitying the condition of the US soldier
-sounds like John Edwards railing against the burden of mortages and interest loan debt
-sounds like DailyKos, ranting about Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other supposed Neoconservatives
-sounds like ANSWER, proclaiming the truthfulness of No Blood for Oil

I wonder if Osama receives funding from George Soros?


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