Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bali Folly
Thousands of UN busybodies and enviro-zealots jetsetted to the beach paradise of Bali to cook up the latest policy meddling to address the global warming crisis. Al Gore, the environmental movement's Jerry Fallwell, railed against the US as bad global citizen, wagging his finger and pounding his fist before boarding his fumes spewing jet for his next photo op destination. It must be pointed out, because Al Gore won't tell you, that his record on this all important issue sucks mightily. Department of Energy statistics reveal carbon-dioxide emissions increased in all years of Clinton/Gore administration. Contrarily, the planet-killer Dubya Bush has seen 2 years of CO2 decreases in two years of his administration.

Indeed, Gore and the other global-warming pushers continuously posit that joining Kyoto counts as the Good Housekeeping seal of green citizenry. However, as analysis of US government stats reveal:

Emissions worldwide increased 18.0%
Emissions from countries that signed the treaty increased 21.1%
Emissions from non-signers increased 10.0%
Emissions from the U.S. increased 6.6%

Kyoto, Bali, Al Gore. It would all be laughable if it wasn't the case that so much effort and money has been spent pushing this snake oil.

And for those who think "the science is settled" on the issue, here's yet the latest corroboration that climate change computer models do not accurately match observed data. Here's what I said about climate models and data sets.

Al Gore tells me how I should live my life more than Jerry Fallwell ever did. He is one dangerous funadmentalist to be ignored.


At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Statistics and damned statistics. That 6.6% of a US increase since '91 an actual 112.54 million metric tons; that 252% Maldives increase is equivalent to ... oh ... 0.12 million metric tons.

Only China appears has a (substantially) larger actual increase in emissions (China = +614.65 mm tons since '97; with India catching up (+82.8 mmt since '97). Given the manufacturing and population of both - not such a surprise. Also - not sure if you've looked at any pictures of China lately, but it's not exactly an earthly paradise any more, is it?

The rest (lip service or not to the KP) have substantially less ACTUAL increases in emissions.

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"The growth of Chinese imports in the U.S. economy boosted the total emissions of carbon dioxide (a primary greenhouse gas) from the two countries by over 700 million metric tons between 1997 and 2003, according to a study published online in the journal Energy Policy. The analysis, prepared by two scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, suggests that American emissions of carbon dioxide in 2003 would have been 6% higher if the United States had manufactured the products that it imported from China. Meanwhile, China's 2003 emissions would have been 14% lower had it not produced goods for the United States...

China and the United States are not parties to the Kyoto Protocol and are not bound by the protocol’s limits on carbon dioxide...

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Granite said...

Extend your argument about China's manufacturing to all KP abiding European countries, Japan, etc - it's not just the US example to point out. China has fast become the world's workshop. The developed West continues to shift its manufacturing to the developing world along with the externalities issues that go along with it.

Additionally, the problem with these statistics is that the USA, a country of 300mil and 13tril in GDP gets compared against individual countries rather than with like blocs of people and economy. Compare the USA with France and France looks a whole lot Green. Compare the USA with Europe of similar population and output and the emissions comparisons are closer in parity. So I agree, damned statistics indeed.

Another thing to consider is Europe has improved its emissions profile by transitioning in greater degrees to natural gas for heating and electricity generation - gas imported from nearby Russia. Europe has decided to attain a greener profile while handing over its energy and national security over to Putin. The USA does not have access to a similar neighboring pool of natural gas with which to tap into and go greener, just a lot of dirty coal to burn.


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