Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Evening with Mark Steyn
I ventured down to Boston area mid-week to meet up with Jackdied and Bobsalive of team-blog Jackdied to hear columnist extraordinaire Mark Steyn give a speech on Western declinism and the looming demographic and cultural death that America will have to deal with in the present and future.

Jackdied's post on the event neatly sums up the talk and our impressions. Mark Steyn is easily one of the funniest and precient thinkers out there and I strongly recommend readers seek out this man and his columns. Knowing the extant of the retrograde forces out there, it encourages one to be less tolerant of and more vocal in challenging any and all examples of extreme moonbattery and as a whole the Marxian Industrial Complex and its Gramscian minions.

As Mark Steyn correctly notes, the future is there for those who show up and the footrace there has already begun.


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