Monday, October 28, 2002

Gods & Generals
I cannot wait for this film. This story (as detailed in the book of the same title written by Jeff Shaara) marks the years and events leading up to the pivotal battle at Gettysburg. Jeff Shaara's father, Michael Shaara wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning book "The Killer Angels" which provided a moving and personal offering of Civil War fiction based on the real events of the famous Gettysburg encounter. When Michael Shaara died, his son Jeff picked up where his father left off and set out to provide the same style and voice in further writings. "Gods & Generals" was his first offering. In the upcoming movie (Feb 2003 release date), Robert Duvall plays Robert E. Lee and Jeff Daniels reprises his role as Joshua Chamberlain (Gettysburg). I look forward to this flick, especially the Battle of Fredericksburg scene which I hear clocks in at over an hour in length alone.


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