Thursday, October 17, 2002

Shameless Self-Promotion
The Age, a leading Australian newspaper today published my Letter to the Editor on their Letters Page Here is the text:

Even if Imbruglia were PM...

This bombing has nothing to do with Bush or Howard, war on terror, Iraq, the Kyoto treaty or what have you. It would have happened even if Natalie Imbruglia or Britney Spears were at the helm of our respective countries.

We are faced with an ideology that embraces a death cult of suicide and martyrdom. It even seeks to avenge the loss of Andalucia to the Spanish for Pete's sake! That was more than 500 years ago!

Let's be clear what we are up against: extreme and murderous irrationality.

We here in the US are appalled at what has happened in Bali. It is a disgusting and horrifying act - and we stand with you 100 per cent.
Jim Sellers, Dover, New Hampshire, US


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