Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Playing With the Queen of Hearts
I love the world that is the Game of Poker - especially the high stakes variety. The movie Rounders was very entertaining and I enjoyed its dissection of the poker playing universe. A friend of mine goes to Foxwoods on occasion and tells me of his exploits at the blackjack and poker tables. One thing we both appreciate is the ALL-IN, that fateful move where the poker player goes for it and pushes all chips towards the ante at the center of the table. The ALL-IN is one of the ballsiest expressive actions in life. It says to all, Here I am, you want a piece of me? Another interesting aspect of poker is the psychological reading one can do to see whose bluffing, who is not, whose pretending to do both, and what behaviors they signal that expose their strategy. This article details the power one can wield if they learn to read the Tell.


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