Friday, June 06, 2003

Schemin' Demons
I think I'm sort of tired of hearing the phrase "battling my inner demons". The latest example came when I heard an interview with Jayson Blair, the NYTimes reporter who was caught fabricating quotes and information for his stories. Apparently, his struggle with his "human demons" caused him to do what he did.

What is it with all these demons everybody has got? Are kids using this line at school if they don't do their homework? "I'm sorry teach, but my inner demons prevented me from finding the square roots." Imagine if this was an acceptable traffic court defense. "Your honor, I was unaware of this before, but apparently the inner demons go after Mustang owners. There was nothing I could do. I was defenseless against their taunts. I had to go faster to appease them."

What you never hear about is somebody plagued by their inner angels. Somebody whose head is so full of blissful and joyous thoughts that they end up going berserk and doing one thousand acts of charity. Maybe that's the kind of reporter the NYTimes needs to find, however. One who's so plagued by inner angels that they can't do anything but write unbiased stories loaded with corroborated facts and attributable quotes.


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