Friday, September 26, 2003

Those calling for a greater UN role in Iraq are quick to shout that the US is mired in a quagmire. Indeed, the US is an amateur at this quagmire game and should hand over their quagmire to the real quagmire professionals at the UN.

Regarding the 4 year old UN quagmire in Kosovo:
"Concerned by the mounting tensions and insecurity in Kosovo, a senior United Nations official today descried a number of violent attacks in the province during the past two months, primarily targeting Serbs, and said the continued support of the Security Council would be "crucial" to maintaining the rule of law."


"These heinous acts underline the urgency of ridding Kosovo of criminal and destructive influences and of establishing a democratic society fully based on rule of law and respect for human rights,” Mr. Ramcharan said in a statement. “The perpetrators of these crimes must not be allowed to undermine the peace process and the efforts to build a multi-ethnic society in Kosovo.”

Nice job guys, you sure do quagmire right!


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