Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Theorists, Pundits, Social Critics and the like often say that we are slaves to marketing and advertising. Our tastes, values, and attitudes are grafted into us through incessant advertising. They say, ultimately, that the people who control the ads control our minds.

I believe that we have an opportunity to test and observe whether this boilerplate is true. Many of the fast food providers are in the process of redefining their images - offering and promoting healthier menu options. Salads seems to be the big thing, McDonalds has the adult happy meal salad, and even Dominos Pizza is promoting salad. So if the advertising for fast food is salad-centric, will we follow in kind and think of fast food as salad-centric? Will salad sales soar? Will increased demand for lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, and carrots cause shortages in these items? Will their prices rise in relation to the demand? It's very possible of course if we all have salad on our minds because of the amped up advertising. Mmm. I'd like a supersized salad please...


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