Thursday, December 23, 2004

Haute Cuisine
We had a Christmas potluck at my work yesterday. Ooof! Never since Wendy's hosted the "Superbar" have I seen such a dizzying array of nutritionally nuclear food. Deviled eggs, chicken/egg/ham salad rolls, chili, Swedish meatballs (in "gravy" of an unknown nature), cocktail weenies (swimming in same mysterious gravy), KFC popcorn chicken, broccoli salad loaded with mayo, potato salad, chicken pot pie, some egg casserole thing with other questionably edible things embedded in it (breezed right past that one with little time granted to further investigate its contents), and then another table loaded with cookies, brownies, chocolates, etc etc etc. Man, given the array of food there I could imagine opposing armies of sugar freaks and Atkins acolytes squaring off in a West Side Story style showdown.

My contribution to this culinary celebration was a Thai style ginger and lemongrass chicken in a chili peanut sauce w/ stir-fried onions, celery, carrots, red peppers, bok-choy, and bean sprouts - mixed into a bed of jasmine rice (I kid you not, this is what I brought)! Needless to say I had to call it "Chicken and Vegetables" so as to convince the rest of my co-workers to give it a whirl (the mere sight of vegetables is a definite put-off for many). Some brave souls spooned themselves servings and it was interesting to witness their expressions as they wrapped their taste-buds around untraditional pot-luck flavors. Oh well. Pass the beer nuts....


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