Sunday, August 14, 2005

Clothes that Make the Man
I love seeing misfires in advertising. I've posted previously my thoughts on how much I hate commercials that use GCI to alter the faces of pets and babies. However, one thing that I get a kick out of is when some doof gets caught for doing a crime and they are wearing a t-shirt with some corporations's logo on it. I saw a news story on WMUR and there's a photo of a guy facing arraignment and he's wearing a t-shirt with the McDonald's logo on it. Yeah, I'm sure that's going to convince the officers of the court to go pick up some Big Macs after the proceedings.

Flooding the market with corporate logo clothes, you're bound to have the wrong guy wearing them at some point. Do companies care that they run the risk of having some murderer, thief, or carjacker sporting their brand?

It might be that what is required is a uniform dress code for criminals. Not just prison uniforms for when they end up in the Big House, but dressing guidelines to follow before they leave the house to go do those crimes. John Gotti had the right idea - wear a suit and tie. On the otherhand, Michael Jackson went a bit overboard with the addition of military medals and ribbons on his coat. I don't want to even know what acts he had to commit to receive those promotions. Plus, I think Andrew Cunanan missed a golden opportunity to be wearing Versace's clothes when he killed the famed designer himself. Don't these nuts think before they act?


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