Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Neils Bohr Bean Supper

I'd like to thank all Moose, wives, and visitors for coming out tonight. All loyal and exalted Moose and friends of the atom. And before we begin tonight's program, let us stand, raise the antlers, and bellow the call of the Moose


Excellent. I just want to remind the Moose and friends that for tonight's event we have some unique drink specials available. We're got commemorative Heisenberg Haffenraffers and Isotope Rum & Coke over at the bar. Oh, I see Binky has had a few already. Slow down Binky, don't forget your wife wants you to split the atom later tonight. She wants some fusion tonight. Keep drinking like that and all she'll get is a limp neutron. Not even Viagra is going to ionize you. BUWAHAHAHA!!! Seriously loyal Moose, drink up and have a good time. Oh, lest I not forget, we have a good raffle going on tonight. Tickets are coming around to the tables for you to purchase. The winner of the raffle will take home about two thousand dollars, that's enough to jump a valence level or two in income. HARHARHAR!!

That's great Moose. Let us begin tonight's program. We'll have a short lecture from our friend and Moose colleague Earl "Scuppy" Jones. Later on we'll have entertainment from the wonderful Planck's Constant. Ladies, don't hestitate to get your husbands up there on the dance floor and get those atoms vibrating. So, with those announcements, and without further delay, let us raise the antlers once more to kick off the evening and bellow the call of the Moose.



At 1:17 PM, Blogger gagknee said...

the date on the sign is April 1st. perhaps its some kind of joke?


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