Saturday, March 10, 2007

Support the Troops
I saw a GO ARMY car out on the roads a few days ago. It had the US Army logo on the doors and hood. Unfortunately, the car was a Dodge Stratus. I'm not sure a potential army recruit is going to be encouraged to join the military after seeing the recruiter driving around in this car. I could see a better recruitment job if the recruiter's GO ARMY vehicle was a Hummer or maybe a Charger or Corvette or something. A Status seems to me to be some kind of Defense departmental compromise. I bet someone in the congressional appropriations hearings made some stink about certain line item budget requests - recruitment cars being one of them. So the Department went with a "sensible" choice - the Stratus - rather than a more expensive, but certainly more appropriate muscle car. Forget body vests, up-armored vehicles, etc. The recruiter should not be driving a Stratus....


At 9:35 PM, Blogger gagknee said...

at the very least it should be a truck. a Dakota probably costs the same as a Stratus


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