Sunday, October 28, 2007

McCarthy is Dead, Long Live McCarthy
The College of William & Mary has set up a website where accusers can anonymously report acts of bias against fellow students and/or faculty.

The Academy is the refuge of totalitarians and McCarthyite thought police. No doubt these scoundrels call themselves tolerant.


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Chosen said...

The totalitarians are much closer to home...

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Granite said...

Chosen: That is hideous. UNH was bad in my day, but you've shown me how much further the rot has progressed

At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Professor Gringo said...

That is hideous indeed. But what do you mean? *Which* Academy is the refuge of totalitarians? W+M or UNH? Or do you actually mean it as a synecdoche for "every institution of higher learning in the world"? That's a little harder to back up. These things are becoming more and more common. But they apply only to what falls outside normal academic debate and evaluation. I would imagine it would be mostly conservatives who feel biased against in the supposedly leftist academic milieu that would use these setups.

At 8:21 AM, Blogger Granite said...

The rot is deep:
Training materials on how RAs should conduct their re-education:

Re-education programs were run in every residence hall on campus:

Re-education requirements:

Students evaluated on their openess to the re-education:

The rot is widespread:
Indoctrination U


Gringo, this is not just a complaint of conservatives and more must raise their voice against this indoctrination. To paraphrase a phrase you know well, "First they came for the conservatives, but I did not protest. Then they came other free-thinkers, but I did not protest. Then they came for other mavericks, but I did not protest. Then they came for other dissenters, but I did not protest. And then when they came for me, noone was left to raise protest."

Being within the power, you as professor must use your power to fight the power!

At 2:28 PM, Anonymous professor gringo said...

Are you really equating conservatives with dissenters? Aren't the two inherent opposites?
Anyway, I agree with you that something needs to be done about things like this, but for diametrically opposed reasons. I've always been against universities acting in loco parentis--universities are there to expose students to the world of ideas and let them sort it out for themselves. All this handholding and political correctness is impeding the university from taking up its vital role as a place for the mature exchange and ferment of ideas. Hearing things you don't like--whether from the right or the left--is an ineluctable part of that process, just as it is a part of living in a democracy that occasionally you end up suffering from the tyranny of the majority. The university has no place acting in loco parentis or for the state, or in a political manner. But this is something true-blooded academics should be just as upset about as you are, as the academy gets denatured more and more. To blame it on liberal profs is a little ingenious. The problem is with the school systems that feed unprepared, unequipped kids into universities, and ultimately with parents who try to insulate their kids from everything they might not be pleased by being exposed to. Universities should be more hardcore in defending there established, traditional role as places of interaction for mature human beings, and resist the encroachment of those who are turning them into glorified creches and intellectual disneylands. Conservatives need to read Marx, liberals need to read Hayek, we all should read Anne Frank, Hannah Arendt, Malcolm X and even Mein Kampf in order to grasp the genealogy and interrelationship of ideas, and if not that, then at least in the case of the latter, to know better our enemy. Or we'll all end up like little mini-Bill O'Reillys--with no tolerance for dissent from our viewpoint, no sense of our own place in an intellectual spectrum of ideas, no ability to integrate opposing viewpoints into our own and admit we learned something, and no more than a rote grasp of the basic canons on which the various societies of the world were built.
So, yes, all this PC coddling and handholding really gets my goat. But for God's sake don't blame it on the faculty, it pisses most of us off just as much!
There, j'ai dit.
P.S. The original quote is by the Lutheran dissenter Niemöller and is about the Shoah. It's in my high school yearbook profile.

At 7:39 AM, Blogger Granite said...

Well stated. Indeed, the Khmer-ian powers running residential life must be stopped.

Against the present institutional and cultural powers, conservatives are the true dissenters


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