Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate: Concluding Thoughts
I think the decision in the voting booth will come down to a choice between Gridlock with Partisanship (McCain stopping Pelosi/Reid and suffering attacks because of it) or further Big Government Expansion (Obama running wild with Pelosi/Reid).

McCain never makes it but I think a strong argument in these I am mad as hell times is how effective wielding a Veto Pen might be over the next few years. If there is anything that is true about Democrats incessant complaint about the eight years of Bush it has to do with the expansion of government size, power, and scope that he presided over. Obama's whole theme is not that government is too big, but that it is not effective and it needs to do more things. Is this what a majority wants? I just wonder, as the people cast the anti-Bush vote, will they want more of Washington DC? Or less? It is fair to believe that Obama will not be casting too many vetoes of Pelosi/Reid bills sent to him for signature. It is possible that McCain will veto away (it is also possible that McCain may actually sign away - doing so under Bipartisanship that he so values).


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