Wednesday, October 08, 2003

GOP-T Cruiser
It's interesting how you never see bumper stickers on Volvos that indicate the owner/driver as a right-winger. Typically, what's displayed is in the "Split Wood Not Atoms" sentiment or other leftie platitudes. You never see an NRA Member sticker on a Volvo. Why is that?

Is there a car that can be instantly recognized as the choice for right-wingers? Is there a car that instantly screams Republican? I suppose the inclination here is to say that SUVs are the right-wingers automobile of choice what with all the gas-guzzling and polluting. But then what to make of the "Pathfinder Hippy" phenomena? This seems to muddy the waters a bit as to whether one look at a guy getting into an SUV instantly suggests he's Republican. It is sort of ironic that left-wingers, who normally might voice displeasure with mass consumerism, are identified by their particular choice of mass consumerism - in this case by driving Volvos en masse.


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