Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Men's Wearhouse
So I attended the VON show down in Boston. As I have blogged about before I usually find these shows to be somewhat useless. Contrary to past experience, I found this show to be pretty good. What struck me though was how vast the uniformity of business attire collected under one roof. I think in the past days of air travel you'd see the same thing - many people dressed in formal business attire. Nowadays you're more likely to see most passengers in halter tops, cutoff jeans, drawstring pants, or Disney logo t-shirts than see someone in a suit and tie. However, stepping into VON was like falling into the printing press of a Brooks Brothers catalog. Blacks and Dark Blues everywhere. Occasionally you would see somebody in khakis and a company logo polo shirt (me) but for the most part the dry-cleaned set ruled the alleys. I wonder how the slate colored suits felt. Sure they dressed up above and beyond the polo people, but no doubt learned again the forgotten truth - grey is nobody's favorite color.

Business attire works great in small settings, but such large conglomerations weaken the power of said clothing. In an environment where one strives to stand out from the others, why dress in a manner mimicked by the next guy?


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