Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Gravy Train
We hear a lot about how lobbyists give gifts and donations to Senators and Representatives in exchange for votes. Rather than demanding an end to this, we should be demanding more! Really, the ultimate recipient of all that gift giving and largesse should be us, the most important vote caster of them all. Kreblog lists a scorecard of what schwag and food the candidates are offering in order to curry favor with voters. How can we be critical of lobbyists when we ourselves dig the same treatment coming from the candidates? So if the candidates are listening, I propose that our votes be dependant upon which candidates offer the most extravagant gifts and appealing enticements. How bout tickets to the Red Sox, or luxury cruises, or shopping sprees at Best Buy? When it comes voting time, all you need to do is have the person who collects the votes at the polling station look at your ballot, see who you voted for, and then notarize any applicable coupons or vouchers that you got from that particular candidate. Quid Pro Quo!

Let's forget job training, universal health insurance, prescription drugs, Americorps, or other useless programs. Show us the goods! Our votes are valuable.


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