Saturday, October 08, 2005

Love and Rockets

Finally was able to get my photos uploaded from our recent trip to South Dakota. Galleries are available for viewing:

Custer State Park:
Sylvan Lake - where we stayed.
Harney Peak - hike to Harney Peak; highest mountain east of the Rockies.
Scenic drives: Iron Mountain Road and Needles Highway
Wildlife Loop Road - bison herds, pronghorn, and wild burros.

National Parks and Lands:
Badlands - insane mazelike landscape of eroded pinnacles, spires, and buttes.
Wind Cave - interesting scenery above and below the surface. Prairie dog towns, bison herds, lonely landscape above ground; rare boxwork formations below the ground.
Devil's Tower - unsettling, yet beautiful landscape.
Minuteman Missile - bizarre, yet entertaining. Ground Zero Cold War fun visiting a decommissioned nuclear missile silo and launch control facility.
Mount Rushmore - resting place of our Founding Heads. A good dose of Patriotism

Crazy Horse Memorial - ongoing, monumental tribute to the legendary Sioux warrior.

A week was not enough time here. So much to see and so much variation in landscape and terrain. We fell in love with the area and will definitely return another day.


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