Friday, March 29, 2002

They say it happens in threes. I would say my only exposure to Milton Berle was seeing him in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. (A movie I have seen 20+ times and still amazes me). His performance was perhaps the least funny of all the other comics. However, he added a certain gravitas to the film that no one else could provide. (though perhaps one might argue that Spencer Tracy was the counter heavy-weight). As for Dudley Moore , his take on the loveable alcoholic in Arthur made him an icon. How saddening that Dudley never felt at ease with his stardom. And then the latest came. The death of Billy Wilder . Never after has Hollywood reproduced the wit and charm that were hallmarks of Wilder's movies. All one has to do is view Some Like It Hot, or The Apartment to realize what we have lost.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Usually I enjoy watching the Oscars. However, this year I was bored to tears and did not care for the films being honored. While A Beautiful Mind was a decent film, the promotional campaign for Oscar was downright shameless (quite along the lines of American Beauty). In fact, the more a film gets pushed as the front runner, the more I despise it. Looks like most of America tuned out of the telecast. No doubt due to the sheer self-rightousness and gang-bang the event has become.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

So, what is this all about???

I originally intended this to be my Sermon From the Mount regarding application of 12 Tone musical theory to aspects of everyday life. I still may do that from time to time. The musical theory behind 12 Tone is one where there is no hierarchy of musical notes. One note is not any better than another. Therefore, one is freed from the rules of melody, harmony, and other conventions. Although 12 Tone can sound "ugly" it is also the essence of freedom. Freedom from rules, conventions, norms, would-haves, should-haves, and must-haves that govern most human endeavor. Thus the mission is to extend the spirit of 12 Tone towards use in daily life.

In essence, there are no set "rules" one should abide by. (Other than the ones that govern civil society: rule of law, cordiality, etc). This is not an advocacy for anarchy. From from it in fact. Instead, what the 12 Tone example should encourage is a freedom from fear. Freedom to explore varied interests. Freedom to hold political ideas that don't fall into convenient labels. Freedom to enjoy various foods, cuisines, tastes, etc. Freedom to find out about places "off the map". Freedom to listen to music that isn't found on automobile or soft drink ads. Freedom to enjoy film and understand why there is no substitute for great writing and technique. Above all, freedom to be engaged, proactive, cognizant of that which is around you. Freedom to ENJOY life to its fullest.

That's the idea anyways. But the more I thought about it, the more I figured this would be my rant board. So enough of the high brow. Everything is going to be about trash, smut, and other crass musings, with maybe some insight (plucked from the run on sentences and illogic sure to be in abundance)

-Jim Sellers