Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jacob's Ladder
I don't know if it's from the anti-malarial pills I've been taking (hope to finish them soon), but I've been having some strange dreams this past week. I mean psycho stuff.

I seem to be slipping out of a dream state into a borderline waking consciousness. One night I thought I saw an intruder standing by the side of my bed. I shouted out a series of war whoops and swung my legs out from under the covers and kicked the intruder with both feet. The sound of the war whoops and the rapid movements awoke me from this state. There I was, my eyes blinking, trying to make sense of why my legs were hanging off the bed. And then my feet happened to touch our bedroom floor lamp. I got up out of bed, turned on the ceiling lights and saw the remains of the "intruder" lying on the floor. The lampshade was wrinkled, some metalwork was bent, and some of the fixtures holding the lightbulb sockets were cracked. What the hell happened?

Then a few nights later, I imagined that the ceiling above our bed was saturated with water. I thought there was a huge reservoir ready to let go and drown us in our sleep. Again, I jumped into action (waking up in the process) and turned on the ceiling lights. Nope. No water stain, no reservoir of water, no ceiling about to give way to a flood.

This week, my wife has had new stories to tell to her coworkers....