Sunday, January 22, 2006

Necking Hill
My wife and I periodically walk from our house to Garrison Hill to climb the observation tower and see the views. On a clear day in winter you can see the snowcapped peaks of Mt. Washington and the northern Presidentials glowing with reflected sunlight. You get some pretty nice views of the Pawtuckaway mountains, Green Hill over in Wakefield, and Mt Agamenticus in Maine nearby. You can see the I-95 bridge going over the Piscataqua and also the spires and landmarks of downtown Dover. The views are truly sublime

Another thing you're quite likely to see on any given day is some couple vigorously making out in a parked vehicle. There's always a few cars in the hill's lot and really there's no mistaking the fact that oftentimes you see people inside who happen to be making out. Mind you, these are not teenagers but some older couple locked in a loving embrace and joined at the lips. Its funny, my wife and I take turns with the binoculars trying to see the extent of the goings on that are taking place. You sometimes see hands moving back and forth, and it's hard to determine what anatomy is being stroked - usually its someone's back innocently enough. In any case though its bizarre that we've witnessed this on several different occasions. And even more curious is that each time it happens to be an older couple going at it in the car. Why the need to go and make out in the middle of a Sunday afternoon? If the people are married, why not go get it on in bed? Conversely, if the people are dating, why not go do it at each other's home or apartment? Indeed, thinking it through, it appears that Garrison Hill is the site where adulterers go to pursue forbidden love. This has to be the most likely explanation for these goings on.

So the next time you're in Dover, pack yourself a nice picnic lunch, grab the binoculars, and take in the panoramic sites. And oh yeah, check out the parked cars while you're there. You're bound to see some fierce necking.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I won't name names, but start an evening off with some good burgers, add some beers, martinis, then espresso martinis, and Makers Mark straight and you're destined to perform charades for a while and migrate on over to the On Demand Karoake soon thereafter.

Songs that I remember we sung:
La Bamba
Down With the Sickness

and a whole bunch of others that escape my memory because it is incredibly foggy.

I do remember dancing a mean jig at one time (I think I was Riverdancing) and doing some of my death metal posing.

Oooof. Head hurts. Most go lay down now.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Music Missile
Mrs. Rants bought an iPod from the Apple website. They are shipping it to her direct from China. The FedEx tracking shows the package enroute from Shenzhen via Anchorage and Indianapolis.

It's like the route a nuclear ICBM would take...