Saturday, November 04, 2006

Message in the Mail
We've been getting swamped by political mailings and flyers. I find it interesting that the mail pieces from the Republican Party are addressed to our household whereas the mailings from the Democratic Party are addressed to a singular individual. It doesn't surprise me that the Dems would address their mail in such an exclusionary manner. The whole worldview is predicated on splitting people into groups. Republicans addressing political mail to the household is a Big Tent approach to spreading the message. Democrats addressing political mail to an individual closes off others in that household from potentially being attracted to the message.

Commenting on the mail, here's a bizarre statement from a piece sent by Carol Shea-Porter, Democratic candidate for US Congress

"I am running for the rest of us... the bottom 99% that George Bush and Jeb Bradley ignore."

Bottom 99%??? Man, there's so many things wrong with this. The assertion that we are all at the bottom is so negative. Why would I ever be attracted to a party that reduces me with their messages? Is that how Dems see people - we're all losers at the bottom? Man, no wonder prescriptions for Xanax are sky-high. It's depressing that one of our major parties beats us down with a steady drumbeat of negativity and pessimism.

I'm trying to understand this 99% stuff. I guess Shea-Porter has to be honest. I mean, she has to make sure that wealthy Hollywood and media news liberals get included in her percentage. Yep, I sure have a lot in common with those types. Oh, and don't forget the tenured Ivy professors with book deals and speaking tours, filling out the ranks of us "bottom" dwellers. I'm glad now that we're all being spoken for. Thanks Shea-Porter. I was voiceless until you came along!